729DTD, Day 14 – 715 Days Til Disney

Disney Vacation Club, a guided phone tour review.

Despite asking me to call to “schedule a 20 minute online guided tour.” I was able to immediately talk to a tour guide. And the entire call lasted exactly 15 minutes.

I called in at 10:15, within 30 seconds a live person answered.  I explained the reason for my call and they asked to verify a few pieces of personal information.  When verifying my email address the person answering used the “Disney Alphabet”  A is Ariel, B is Belle, C is Cinderella, etc

I was put on a brief hold and then transferred to my Tour Guide, At this time it was about 10:20.  The tour guide walks me through the outline of the Disney Vacation Club, a time share program with a surprising number of benefits.  He then verifies my email again, tell me I will receive my gift-card within 30 days, and asks if he can send me additional information in the mail.

I agree, and he mentions he will send something extra for my 3 year old daughter.  When we disconnected it was 10:30.   All in all, $40 for 15 minutes of my time is a pretty good investment.  It was pain-free and I ended up learning too.

Best part, I received my gift-card in less than 24 hours.



729DTD, Day 10 – 719 Days Til Disney

A Disney Premier Visa Card is not always the best option for earning rewards, but for a Disney family it is one of the most exciting options, and 2% is considered quite good my most metrics.

By moving monthly spending on gas and food to my Disney premiere, I will expect to earn over $300 during the next two years. That is more than enough for a dinner at the Blue Bayou and a couple of souvenirs.


729DTD, Day 6 – 723 Days Til Disney

$10,000 is a lot of money, but modern day society has a secret weapon for vacations. Points and Miles.

Our plan- Wait for the best Sign up Bonus(SuB) offers to appear.


Instead of staying at a Disneyland property, we will be staying at a nearby Marriott Hotel. Using a Marriott Rewards Visa card for business expenses, we hope to cover 100% of the hotel cost in Marriott Points.


Flying from the east coast to the west coast is not cheap. Right now United Explorer cards have a SuB of 40-50k points, with a few targeted offers of 75,000.   75,000 just happens to be the number of miles needed to book three round trip tickets across the country.

Rental Car:

With a few United MileagePlus miles earned from business trips, we are hoping to have enough to cover a Hertz car rental.

Disneyland Tickets:

According to The Points Guy Citi Premier cards have a referral SuB of 60,000 points.  Which are valued at $750 worth of Disneyland tickets.  Not quite enough, but a great start.

729DTD, day 3 – 726 Days Til Disney

Every dream vacation needs a budget. For our Dream Disneyland vacation, I’ve added up every possible expense, and have come up with a total of $10,000.00

This symbolizes our dream vacation. 7 nights at the Disneyland Hotel. Five day park hopper tickets with MaxPass.  Plenty of amazing dinner shows. Over the course of 729 days we will figure out how to pay for this vacation with no new debt.


Disneyland Trip Expenses Dollar Amount
Hotel $3500.00
Flights $1800.00
Rental Car $650.00
Disney Tickets $1300.00
Food $950.00
Spending Money $1000.00
Blue Bayou/Phantasm $200.00
Pirate Show $300.00
Medieval Times $300.00
Total $10000.00


Hello and welcome to our blog! We are the Hidalgo Family from Washington DC and we want to go to Disneyland for free! How are you gonna do that??? You say? Well, between credit card points, a little of our own savings, Disney dollar points and hopefully receiving gifts cards we plan on taking this trip for next to nothing out of our own pockets.


How did this happen?

Nicole, or mommy depending on who you ask is a complete Disneyland nerd. Disneyland is her happy place and she was a Disney virgin until April of 2018 when her husband took her to Disneyland for their honeymoon. Lets just say she fell in love and cant wait to go back! Nicole was having pangs for Disneyland again and started to wonder how much they could save and budget to be able to afford to go ant have an amazing time as well. While talking with Cam her husband they started to really seriously think and talk about it and 729 days til Disneyland was born! In exactly two years, we plan on being in Disneyland at this time of year. We are planning for an extravagant yet cheap vacation! We want to keep everyone updated on our progress, how we keep track of everything and all the latest Disneyland news we hear.

This is a very exciting project for both of us and we hope you all enjoy our Disneyland goal blog! Also keep a look out for You Tube videos and maybe even an instagram!

We hope this will keep us on track with our goal of going to Disneyland in two years!